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It was epic. While member sites broadcasted their support, we blasted our “cat signal” into the sky in cities around the world (on Batman's opening night!)

Though the launch of a grassroots campaign to protect the Internet is worth celebrating, there's nothing like an IRL event to feel the power of the Internet community. We had such a great time at the Internet Defense League launch parties that we thought we'd share a few highlights.

Cat Signal on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

The Cat Signal on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Credit: @EFF

Cat Signal on Lafayette Avenue in New York City

The Cat Signal on Lafayette Avenue in New York City. Credit: @MagicZoetrope

Cat Signal projected onto a building

Credit: @BenjaminSimon

New York City packed the house!

New York City packed the house!

Cat Signal on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

The Cat Signal on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Credit: Ben Simon, Mozilla

More pictures available on the event's livestream.

Thanks go out to our hosts and supporters: Mozilla, New America Foundation, Open Plans, the Participatory Politics Foundation, Craig Newmark, Matt Mullenweg, Union Square Ventures, Brad Burnham, Nick Grossman, Elizabeth Stark, and each of our donors. We couldn't have done it without you!

Still want swag?

Giant Spotlight

Though we've already launched, we have swag available to donors. Show your support!

Donate now!

Donate $5-10

You'll get an IDL member card to carry around in your wallet, handy proof that you are, in fact, a superhero charged with defending the internet.


Donate $30

Cat Flashlight

You'll get your own personal cat signal torch light. Short range, but good for striking fear into the hearts of the free internet's detractors.


Donate $70

You'll get an IDL t-shirt and everything above. Like the league, the t-shirts are both epic and understated.


Donate $150

You'll get everything above, and either a) an Internet Defense League nameplate for the door of your house or office or b) a hand-drawn illustration of you as your choice of superhero. We weren't sure which we liked better, so you pick!


What's in the works?

  • Optional code that activates automatically according to criteria you specify (e.g. SOPA returns).
  • Analytics to track the total size and reach of the network.
  • A collaborative system for identifying threats and opportunities.

Are you a developer?

Join the project to build the flexible JavaScript tools that make the Defense League tick.

Who's behind it?

Fight for the future, the authors of several different SOPA blackout tools, and a growing group of volunteers, including Cloudflare. Be in touch.

Get in touch

If you run a big site and want to get in touch or if you want to get more involved, email us at [email protected]

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