Internet Defense League Materials

IDL Logos and marks

When you need the official IDL logos for a web site or publication, please use one of the following.

IDL wallpapers, images & badges source files.

Use the following wallpapers and images for your personal use. Don’t use for commercial purposes.

What's in the works?

  • Optional code that activates automatically according to criteria you specify (e.g. SOPA returns).
  • Analytics to track the total size and reach of the network.
  • A collaborative system for identifying threats and opportunities.

Are you a developer?

Join the project to build the flexible JavaScript tools that make the Defense League tick.

Who's behind it?

Fight for the future, the authors of several different SOPA blackout tools, and a growing group of volunteers, including Cloudflare. Be in touch.

Get in touch

If you run a big site and want to get in touch or if you want to get more involved, email us at [email protected]