Make sure the internet
never loses. Ever.

The Internet Blackout was just the beginning. On July 12th, we need to join together to protect net neutrality. Together, our websites and personal networks can mobilize the planet to defend free speech & free choice online. The #CatSignal has been activated. Are you in?

Fight for the Future will email you everything you need to participate and updates about related work. Join with Twitter to let us tweet actions on your behalf. Privacy.

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The Problem

Internet freedom and individual power are changing the course of history. But entrenched institutions and monopolies want this to stop. Elected leaders often don't understand the internet, so they're easily confused or corrupted.

Beyond the blackout

The Internet Defense League takes the proven tactic that killed SOPA & PIPA and turns it into a permanent force for defending the internet, and making it better. Think of it like the internet's Emergency Broadcast System, or the bat signal! When the #CatSignal shines, the internet comes together. Our next move: defending net neutrality.

The plan

When the internet's in danger and we need millions of people to act, the League will ask its members to broadcast an action. (Say, a prominent message asking everyone to call their elected leaders.) With the combined reach of our websites and social networks, we can be massively more effective than any one organization.

How it works

First, sign up. If you have a website, we'll send you sample alert code to get working in advance. The next time there's an emergency, we'll tell you and send new code. Then it's your decision to pull the trigger.

Support the network. Become a member

Our organization and network helped to defeat SOPA/PIPA (by making the innovative tools that powered the largest online protest in history). The Internet Defense League continues this work. But it depends on its members' donations for its tiny staff to keep working behind the scenes. Your donation makes us stronger AND helps us fight to win.

The League is launched!

From now on, we're ready to defend against the forces that brought on SOPA and threaten Net Neutrality. When there's a threat or opportunity, our members will broadcast actions all over the web. Help us do it.

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